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Carnival Cruise Line is known for their variety of fun experiences on-ship. We partnered with them to create a consistent brand experience that was uniquely Carnival for each of their on-ship restaurants and attractions.

From Guy Fieri's on-ship restaurants to their Red Frog brewery (yes, also on-ship), all the way down to their water slides, we defined a visual roadmap and created all supporting brand elements. All strategy and design is consistent with the overall Carnival brand, yet still allows for each experience to showcase its own personality. Our partnership created a guest experience that embodies the spirit of adventure and fun, the center of the Carnival Cruise Line brand.

  • Carnival1

    02.1 — Overview shot of ship experiences

  • Carnival2

    02.2 — Detail / Identity and signage for Red Frog Rum Bar

  • Carnival3

    02.3 — Detail / Tap handle and identity design for Thirsty Frog beer extensions

  • Carnival4

    02.4 — Applied identity for the Skyride attraction on ship

  • Carnival5

    02.5 — Applied identity for the Skyride attraction on ship

  • Carnival6

    02.6 — Guy’s Pig & Anchor identity and environmental design

  • Carnival7

    02.7 — Detail / Pig & Anchor Menu board design

  • Carnival8

    02.8 — Detail / Pig & Anchor Menu board design

  • Carnival9

    02.9 — Applied identity for the Havana Bar

  • Carnival10

    02.10 — Applied identity for the Sky Box Sports Bar

  • Carnival11

    02.11 — Applied identity for the Twister waterslide

  • Carnival12

    02.12 — Applied identity for the Drainpipe and Twister waterslides