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24 Foundation started with just one man and has evolved into a national organization that aids the revolution of cancer navigation and survivorship. Formerly known as 24 Hours of Booty, the visual and verbal brand needed to evolve with the direction of the foundation. We created an identity system that would pay homage to both their legacy and history while emulating their mission moving forward.

The identity system consisted of multiple event brand elements and a typeface designed specifically for the foundation we aptly named "Mile One". Our brand management efforts created consistent brand application across all community initiatives, marketing and merchandise leading up to the main event. To date - 24 Foundation has raised more than $18.7 million to support their mission.

  • 241

    04.1 — Primary identity for the 24 Foundation

  • 242

    04.2 — Typeface design for 24 Foundation

  • 243

    04.3 — Informational design for specific 24 Foundation events

  • 244

    04.4 — 24 Foundation cycling jersey design

  • 245

    04.5 — Illustrated collateral for event awareness

  • 246

    04.6 — Applied 24 Foundation branding

  • 247

    04.7 — Applied 24 Foundation branding

  • 248

    04.8 — Event truss design to mark beginning and end of the race

  • 249

    04.9 — 24 Foundation brand in action

  • 2410

    04.10 — Event truss on event day/night